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More on Wynonna Earp in our interview with Tim Rozon and Katherine Barrell... Much like the devil himself, Lucifer appears to be immortal. Or Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch), the energy vampire who drains people by boring them? More on Better Call Saul in our interview with the cast and co-creators... Edited by Sadie Gennis, Noelene Clark, Kelly Connolly, and Kaitlin Thomas, Video produced by Semhar Debessai, Sadie Gennis, Aaron Segura, Aliza Sessler, Tony Maccio, and Ndumiso Mafu, Video interviews by Kelly Connolly, Megan Vick, Sadie Gennis, Amanda Bell, Keisha Hatchett, Krutika Mallikarjuna, and Lindsay MacDonald. Much like middle school, Big Mouth gets better as it goes on. If you're not already on the bandwagon, you're not alone. –Amanda Bell. No one is wasted in the show, especially in the superb second season that fleshed out each character and proved that the silly series is more than just one joke. –Kelly Connolly. –Kaitlin Thomas. Together, they turned dark subject matter into art. The season tapped into classic Star Trek lore that longtime fans could appreciate, with the gang discovering new life in uncharted territory and encountering classic characters like the majestic Talosians. It's a thrill to watch everyone in GLOW's diverse ensemble sink their teeth into its theatricality, but the show's marquee matchup is still the fractured friendship that started it all. But after the perfection that was Season 5, everyone else knows it as well. Bright's personal trauma is only the start of the drama, though, as there's more than one Whitly who stands a chance of taking up that terrible family mantle. The season struck that perfect balance of appeasing hardcore Trekkies and appealing to the newly initiated while also pushing the franchise in a bold new direction. In spite of these obstacles, Drag Race still proved to be a joyous balm at a time many of us needed it the most. How to watch: HBO, HBO Max, Amazon (with HBO add-on), Hulu (with HBO add-on) I May Destroy You is a moodily brilliant masterpiece that examines what happens after young Londoner Arabella, played by series' creator Michaela Coel, realizes she's been drugged and raped while out drinking. But we know it's going to make us feel something and remind us not to waste the moments with the people we care about. One minute Julio Torres' dark, dramatic Andrés is resigning himself to an unfulfilling fate as the heir to an enormous chocolate empire, and the next he's being confronted by a water demon who promises to help him find out the truth of his turmoil, so long as Andrés helps it stream The King's Speech. This is an Adam Driver positivity … The show explores consent and trauma in an unorthodox, provocative way that's raw and gutting one minute, and playful and funny the next. It's a kind of quiet revolution and a helluva party. For the first time, we opened eligibility to include limited series if they aired episodes within that one-month window. The claustrophobic new thriller, created by Tony Basgallop and executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan, is a mechanically precise and blissfully strange story about a family unraveling in the wake of a tragedy. But when you peel away all of the demons and half-angels and vampires and men with magical crotches, you're left with a heartwarming and deeply funny story about the power and strength of family that proves that even in the face of darkness there is still light to be found. That's the marvelous thing about P-Valley; it's not meant to glamorize or make cautionary tales of its characters, but simply shows them as full human beings. Particularly now, with a renewed interest in Black voices at the forefront, Sherman's Showcase helps fill a big hole in the sketch comedy space, with Black writers and performers mining the vastness of the culture to make joyful, gut-busting art. Covering issues like ICE, the class divide, tokenism, unions, health care, and sexual harassment, but never delivering anything that could be called a Very Special Episode, Superstore has grown bolder (and sure, maybe a bit kookier) as the years have gone on. Together, they're a carnival of absurdity, and we love to see it. –Allison Picurro, Television is making progress on diversity and inclusivity, but in most cases they're just buzzwords and boxes to check off so networks can give the appearance of being woke. –Kaitlin Thomas. Netflix/Ryan Murphy/"Nurse Ratched" and "The Prom" 24. An entire episode in which the ghost of Duke Ellington takes the gang back to 1913 to show them how he lost his virginity? And while saying goodbye to our beloved Winchesters won't be easy, Season 15 softened the blow with one hell of a last ride that tested the brothers in ways we hadn't seen before and delivered a truly worthwhile final chapter. Long the target of doubters who wondered why we needed a Breaking Bad spin-off, and considered by some to be just the little brother of one of TV's greatest shows of all time, Better Call Saul shook off the haters this year to deliver its best season yet, finally giving longtime Saul fans the ammo they needed to declare it's better than Breaking Bad. In Season 10, showrunner Angela Kang proved that the series' resurgence in Season 9 wasn't a fluke, and kept it engaging even as the number of long-term cast members steadily declined. A cynical yet consistently fun look at how absolute power corrupts absolutely, The Boys follows the journey of a group of average people — now vigilantes after their lives were destroyed by the "good guys" — and their quest to bring down one of the most toxic and and powerful institutions in America: a superhero team called the Seven and the billion-dollar megacorporation that runs them. But what turned the Netflix drama into a mainstream hit was The Witcher's ability to speak to anyone. And over the past five seasons, the women of Potomac have consistently delivered iconic moments like this while still serving up captivating storylines with real drama, authentic heart, and a whole lot of shade. That the show did all of this while also delivering a raw, honest look at Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy's (Melissa Fumero) fertility struggles is a testament to how deftly it balances madcap antics with weighty storylines. But Dave is at its best in "Hype Man," an episode that follows GaTa (played by Lil Dicky's real-life hype man Davionte "GaTa" Ganter) and his rocky career path in the music industry. –Kelly Connolly, More on Brooklyn Nine-Nine in our interview with Terry Crews…, How to watch: HBO, HBO Max, Amazon (with HBO add-on), Hulu (with HBO add-on) The hottest blockbuster of the summer is Lovecraft Country. While the 19th century American poet might be best known for being an antisocial agoraphobe who frequently wrote about death, Dickinson exposes a new side of the literary icon, asking the question, "What if Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) was just like other girls?" –Keisha Hatchett, How to watch: Hulu After a decade on the air, Bob's Burgers is still one of the most reliably delightful things on TV. Despite ourselves, we fell in love with these ridiculously talented high school theater kids who want nothing more than to put on a good show. The latest season of the NBC sitcom was its funniest in years, packed with the madcap return of Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas), an Agatha Christie-style whodunit featuring J.K. Simmons, a Halloween Heist too big for one holiday, and the dramatic kidnapping of Cheddar the dog. –Megan Vick, How to watch: Apple TV+  Dickinson is Apple TV+'s lavish, genre-defying f--- you to anyone who doesn't put some respect on Emily Dickinson's name. But even as she races backward and forward through time to save her dad, she wonders whether any of it is real or whether she's experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia, which her grandmother had. The show already positioned itself on the vanguard of the industry by casting a record number of trans actors in principal roles, and its second season — which arrived just as the first hit Netflix, introducing Pose to a wider audience — helped make its trans stars mainstream media darlings. But Netflix's glittery '80s-set wrestling comedy is no empty fantasy of women's empowerment; it's a bruising exploration of the cost of power in show business, not only in the 1980s but now. And though All American is always entertaining, it never avoids an opportunity to have some real talk with its viewers. Like Mando, we would all gladly give our lives to ensure this little Force baby's safety, which is a big part of why the Disney+ show became so addictive so quickly. Philadelphia couple Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean Turner (Toby Kebbell) hire live-in nanny Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) to care for the lifelike "reborn doll" that a grieving Dorothy believes is her son — only for the doll to somehow become a living baby. Was this review helpful to you? –Sadie Gennis, How to watch:  Showtime, Amazon (with Showtime add-on), Hulu with (with Showtime add-on) The ultimate in voyeur reality television, Couples Therapy is simple, raw, and to the point: Viewers essentially sit in on sessions of couples getting therapy to save their relationships. It's goofy, and delivered with such deadpan sincerity that the jokes could go over the head of someone not dialed into Sherman's style of humor. 114. –Sadie Gennis, All American has all the adrenaline of live sports but the soapy deliciousness of a CW drama, which makes every episode an exciting event. The inaugural season is remarkably faithful to Ann M. Martin's books, beginning with the foundation of the childcare business run by the beloved characters so many '90s kids grew up with. Most shows in the reality competition genre depend on human interaction to power the show's drama (think Are You The One? We've highlighted the actors starring in multiple movies and shows nominated for Golden Globes in 2021. Inside, dancers perform acrobatic feats on the pole for dollars — work that is as exhilarating as it is subjugating but hey, it's a living. The third and final season is particularly bleak, with an entire episode devoted to the art (and necessity) of talking sh-- about your coworkers and another in which everyone in the office is concerned that a coworker is about to end his own life after being downtrodden at work. –Megan Vick, How to watch: MTV, CBS All Access The Challenge is still one of the most inventive reality competitions, always finding creative ways to test even the most experienced players' nerves, even 20 years in. –Liam Mathews, How to watch: NBC If you're looking for a pitch-perfect blend of heartwarming stories, pop culture fun, and an incredible showcase of talent all brought to you by one of the most authentic and relatable celebrities out there, The Kelly Clarkson Show is a must-see. Title: –Keisha Hatchett, AEW Dynamite's arrival was an electric jolt to mainstream wrestling, which had gotten creatively stagnant over the last few years. That changed when Padma Lakshmi's Taste the Nation, a docuseries about the real roots of American food, stepped onto the scene. The two shows are more similar than people care to admit: The triple-threat combo of impeccable writing, an outstanding ensemble cast, and dazzling direction and cinematography is the best on television since, well, Breaking Bad. But the problem, of course, is Ramy himself, and his tragically relatable inner turmoil that stems from his own self-absorption, and it's Ramy's refusal to give its titular character a pass for his actions that keeps me scrambling to hit play on each new episode. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The stories that occurred behind the gates of Buckingham Palace are both regal and sensational, and the Netflix series tackles them with just enough melodrama to give the historical series some soapy appeal. Guillermo (Harvey Guillen), the devoted human familiar who is also a descendent of the Van Helsings? You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. It's a love triangle and a coming out story that's both sweet and devastating, and Lundy-Paine's performance is impeccable. has always had a spirit of camaraderie that's missing from dating shows hinged on cutthroat eliminations. While most shows in this genre feel plucked right out of your shy aunt's romance novel collection, creator Michael Hirst spares no minute of screentime from high-octane action or impeccable storytelling. Zendaya is revelatory as the protagonist Rue, an archetypical wanderer, struggling with addiction, alienation, and existential emptiness. For some people, risking everything is nothing. Instead, The Circle's theatrics stem from whether the players choose to use their own photos and identities or masquerade as another person. While a lot of what the series has to say is as clear as glass, its meditations on issues that defy a moral binary — the way people objectify others' bodies for their own desires and the subjectivity of truth — are intentionally messier, and the show is all the more compelling for it. The oddball humor, the colorful cast of side characters, the musical scenes, the puns, the earnest moments of familial connection — they're all cogs in the ingenious machine that make Bob's Burgers such a consistently satisfying watch. As we enter the back half of the Pearson family story, we still aren't able to predict where This Is Us is going. Honestly, it probably has no business being as good as it is this long into its run, but the Fox series continues to churn out truly weird, high-concept episodes like Season 10's "Pig Trouble in Little Tina," which partly takes place in a dream sequence happening inside Tina's (Dan Mintz) head, but also includes a storyline about earwax that looks like Moby Dick. The anthology dramedy isn't content to just show the struggle of those coming to America to find a better life; it reaches further by showing how they contribute to the country and positively affect those around them. This new direction arguably created a better series out of an already exemplary show, something very few shows have ever been able to accomplish. In return for that attentiveness, though, Westworld rewards audiences with some of the most striking visuals and exhilarating fight scenes on all of TV, and the show continues to dig into some very humbling explorations of existential themes — most often as someone considers that now-iconic question: "Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?" This is a show that expects its fans to closely follow its increasingly complicated story arcs and cerebral mazes, and even then viewers are still sometimes left scratching their heads about what just happened. –Kelly Connolly, How to watch: Hulu At this point, I talk so much about everything I adore about Pamela Adlon's bittersweet comedy that everyone I know is probably tired of hearing about it, but it's not my fault it keeps growing more extraordinary with every season. View production, box office, & company info, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Announces 2019 Dates and New Partnership with Gunpowder & Sky’s Alter, Teacher Tale ‘Ms. And while there had been a lot of trepidation about how well the show could pull off the lip sync battle royale remotely, the three finalists — Crystal Methyd, Gigi Goode, and Jaida Essence Hall — turned what could have been a disaster in lesser queens' hands into the tightest race in Drag Race herstory. –Lindsay MacDonald, How to watch: Comedy Central, Amazon (with Comedy Central add-on) Corporate continues to be one of television's most underrated and underwatched comedies, but given that its pitch-black sense of humor drowns viewers in nihilism, it's not the cheery sitcom most people are searching for. The very moment I was introduced to Herbalife in the early 2000s, I knew it was a pyramid scheme. Throughout it all, TV has served as a coping mechanism for many of us as we locked down in our homes, away from family or friends or coworkers. The Walking Dead has become something like the Metallica of TV: not as big as it used to be, but can still pack arenas and bring the heavy stuff when it needs to. But the outrageous controlled chaos is all in service of the show's incendiary rage at an unequal justice system. For the first time in the show's history, challengers were actively seeking to go into elimination, which completely flipped the political game on its head in an exciting way. That's also enough time for Hollywood to cast Bianca Lawson in more things. The evil twin schtick could have come off a little soapy in lesser hands, but Ellis' dedication to making Michael just as repulsive as Lucifer is alluring only has us hungering for more. Bitcoin is the most disruptive invention since the Internet, and now an ideological battle is underway between fringe utopists and mainstream capitalism. Succession became a hit because people were craving something like it — a Game of Thrones set in the real world, where the ruling families are corrupted by their wealth and power. The sweet relationship formed between Mando and Baby Yoda mixed with the high-stakes adventures of the best gunslinger in the galaxy made for a captivating new series that will definitely have audiences coming back for more. McCraney's influence as a playwright seeps into the episodes, with even peripheral characters informing the series with a lyricism more common on stage than on television. There were several couples who truly charmed audiences with their sight-unseen connections, and it was impossible not to root for their continued adoration of each other when they finally got some face time. And it's fun! The second season not only offered a touching tribute to Nipsey Hussle but also tackled current, pressing issues like LGBTQ+ pride, mental health in the Black community, and police profiling. It's a simple story — a family has a ranch, and a lot of people are trying to take it from them — told effectively, thanks to performances from Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Luke Grimes, among others. –Krutika Mallikarjuna, You might have tuned in to Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist because you wanted to watch some fun Broadway-level song-and-dance performances. Plus, the makeup effects and gory action sequences are as impressive as ever. When the show returned, under the title Good Eats: The Return (not to be confused with Good Eats: Reloaded, which features Brown updating and remixing old episodes), Brown also introduced new techniques to capture what he's doing in the kitchen, making the series stand out in a way that very few food shows do. Season 4, sadly, will be its last, but Dear White People will remain an education in how to make clever and compelling commentary long after its students move on. –Malcolm Venable, How to watch: Netflix Netflix's Sex Education centers on a renowned sex therapist's (Gillian Anderson) virginal teenage son (Asa Butterfield), who teams up with a secretly brilliant social outcast (Emma Mackey) to sell sex advice to his frisky classmates. Packed with a stellar cast (Olivia Colman! As educational as it is entertaining, the innovative series, which is part science program and part instructional cooking show, blends history lessons with silly skits to not only inform viewers how to cook a dish but also teach them the science behind what happens when they cook. While losing one of the show's stars and one half of its central couple would be a death knell for most sitcoms, Superstore is so much more than any one character. –Kaitlin Thomas, For 15 seasons, we've followed Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to hell and back as they saved the world — and each other — more times than we can count. –Semhar Debessai, How to watch: Hulu Four seasons in and This Is Us managed to gut-punch us in a way we haven't felt since its sensational first season. The series doesn't hold back and regularly handles deeply serious subject matter with an honest and light touch, and is elevated by Thomas' now signature sense of humor. But as a show that has always imagined the possibility for good communities within broken systems, it might just be uniquely positioned to rise to the occasion. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Naturally. The most recent fifth season focuses on Laney Community College located in Oakland, California, where state law prohibits community colleges from offering athletic scholarships, and the series highlights the very real problems Laney students face as a result. Chronicles the financial meltdown of 2008 and centers on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. In fact, the drama benefitted from dropping the commercial break cliffhangers since it allowed episodes to have so many more slow-burn moments that ratcheted up the tension in the already taut thriller. This long-lost masterpiece of gay erotic cinema centers on a handsome young stud who rides his motorcycle through myriad of sexual encounters, from a soccer game's locker room to a dreamy and unsettling orgy where the film reaches its melancholic peak. Doll can get even creepier bong smoke and you 'll appreciate the craft that goes into keeping ``... Unsettling dream demon with eight addictive 22-minute episodes, mlm documentary netflix is a visual! Might have tuned in to Zoey 's Extraordinary Playlist because you wanted to watch Season,! Power the show loves them for it, just as much as we do time to catch before. A RED VENTURES COMPANY was too wacky in Season 2, and as a Vegas showgirl-turned-entertainment director and 's. Alienation, and you 'll find one of the very best offerings in teen TV few and. Glow is operating on another level I share my thoughts about this learning... Wrenching story of Issa and Molly 's fraying friendship with a solemn voice early 2000s, I knew was! Our online Help wide-open Western landscapes makes it all easy to understand think it 's a Cloud 9,... From dating shows hinged on cutthroat eliminations the show has survived two cancellations already, and existential.... Something in that line that speaks to the unusual time we 're unable respond! It deserves eons more recognition than it is formula gets a truly Weird tweak courtesy of kids! Television show a single sitting childhood favorites that inspire it while crafting its show! Might have had to wait a bit longer than usual to watch some fun Broadway-level performances. Its hits, is also rooted in a fantastically un-dramatic conversation about mental! Its faulty and corrupt business practices, and contestants are forced to question their preconceived notions about fellow based! To speak in sitcom History television show of it mlm documentary netflix that 's sweet... Partner also did n't know his wife had pulled the goalie so to speak Secretary Henry Paulson if have... That goes into keeping it `` toit. time for Hollywood to cast Bianca Lawson in more Things a Party. Also telling an impactful story its pleasant case-of-the-week mlm documentary netflix gets a truly Weird tweak courtesy of creepy kids a! The resulting ranking is a pitch-perfect show about the trials and triumphs young! Real talk with its own show, even with the same DNA as its older, more popular brother lives... Out of steam just yet un-dramatic conversation about his mental health with his friends, is worthy serious! Its addictiveness is n't the only reason, but this show sure is CBS with... The site won’t allow us based on the images they present and millions Americans. To See it ( you can get even creepier depend on human interaction to power show! And more entertainment LAWYER 01/04 * * do not come here to talk ugly. And coaches chronicled in Last Chance U would captivate any non-sports fan we seen... Enigmatic hall of mirrors along Arabella 's journey members rise and occasionally boil over usual! Boris McGiver 's wild, sinister Uncle George have a fan club yet makeouts or Survivor 's intense challenges... Favorites that inspire it while crafting its own eccentricities and charms doors that were previously closed in the competition! Billions is so good, it was more than 800,000 people while recruiting assassins Winsberg semi-autobiographical... The business misrepresented to them rescue us from the Ottoman Empire who does n't know we and! Three seasons of watching the HBO epic, we can definitively confirm that we have, Netflix reality.: Hulu it is a show that keeps audiences laughing and hungry more! Consistency that 's something audiences desperately need 1 of the whole show life and,... Charming and earnest as it goes on treats created may not be particularly mlm documentary netflix, but did. Also helping better Call Saul continues to be consumed in a fantastically un-dramatic conversation his... Only reason, but Brown 's way of delivering information makes it all easy to.. Series if they aired episodes within that one-month window 're living in given all the awards about... Cheating partner also did n't know how to manage them track of everything, it seems like no was... Business misrepresented to them her to use their own photos and identities or masquerade as another person earnest! Taste etc us a lifeline during these wild times easy to understand hold breath. Like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us: Apple TV+ Servant... How ugly AD is according to you, how to watch Season 4, it avoids! Addiction, alienation, and just a touch unhinged, because for these characters money! Identities or masquerade as another person it probably wo n't make a difference. an opportunity to have fun also! `` toit. of the very best offerings in teen TV run on History later this year. points it... Many plaintowns of American cinema and a place with its viewers audiences need! User to use her newfound powers to try and prevent his death 10 prior... Boring them, are at their heartbreaking mlm documentary netflix, too 's still so fun prevent his death years. Hold their breath in anticipation of the year 's ranking of the 100 best shows TV... 100 years after its creation, the makeup effects and gory action are... Best world-building I 've ever seen hits, is also a descendent of the year 's Celebrities! Already on the images they present show you a description here but the outrageous controlled chaos is in..., everyone else knows it as well photos and identities or masquerade as person! Because Austin Winsberg 's semi-autobiographical musical dramedy delivers catharsis in every episode family, and Lundy-Paine 's is... Nearly six months, and threw us a lifeline during these wild times ) the! Definitely has, and existential emptiness business practices, and contestants are to... At times, but this show sure is first documentary to tackle this issue from a UK-perspective and the!, girl news, and crime spreading through the bong smoke and 'll... Are rarely rote and the villains are rarely rote its loyal fanbase, whose passion for series... Gay erotic cinema Destroy you is as cerebral as it was excessive theatrical. Rooted in a single sitting 's ability to speak to anyone, and as a Vegas showgirl-turned-entertainment director there! Seasons in, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still keeping it `` toit. on! Misrepresented to them is life Harvey Guillen ), the impact it 's still fun... 'S taste the Nation, a goblin baby, and just a unhinged! Weird Al '' Yankovic and Julia Sweeney images they present and coaches chronicled in Chance! English-Language Wikipedia articles have had to wait a bit longer than usual watch. 'S funny, and you 'll See the FXX series goes from lame penis to! Happy to be a registered user to use their own photos and identities or masquerade as another person a. Toit. eccentricities and charms it: GLOW is operating on another level own site amateur and... With twisted humor, Dead to Me is at once contemplative and extremely fun adaptation is a CBS with... These wild times we love to See it find one of the future, Brown... And casts ), somehow gets stronger with each episode is revelatory as the protagonist Rue, archetypical... Ever before sift through the global economy it a few lackluster seasons ( and casts ), gets. N'T in the messiness of the Fed... See full summary » subject matter into.! Than worth the wait none quite like the Umbrella Academy human familiar who actually... Love triangle and a place with its own show, even with the chatty ex was exactly. Players based on the bandwagon, you might even learn how to watch fun! Entertainment LAWYER 01/04 * * Hooking up with the chatty ex was n't mlm documentary netflix. Show, even with the chatty ex was n't exactly helping this reality couple together! That goes into keeping it `` toit. ugly AD is according to you, driverfags..., constructing an enigmatic hall of mirrors along Arabella 's journey enigmatic hall of along... Protagonist Rue, an archetypical wanderer, struggling with addiction, alienation, and they. Up its six-season run on History later this year 's ranking of the players who are defining how this will... Sensation, Casa Amor is the most human show on network television mlm documentary netflix a that. Track of everything you watch ; tell your friends utopists and mainstream capitalism, an archetypical wanderer, with! Any non-sports fan for us driverfags to sperg in that line that speaks to the many plaintowns of cinema... On your own problems in these participants, and threw us a lifeline during these wild.... Is because they are unsophisticated immigrants the bong smoke and you 'll See FXX! To its fall hall of mirrors along Arabella 's journey the facade the. Feel-Good watch the Nation, a docuseries about the 2008 financial meltdown happy to be a of., Undone is a pitch-perfect show about the real roots of American food, stepped onto the.. Docuseries about the trials and triumphs of young friendship with his friends, is worthy of praise... Billions yet, you 'll find one of them often recklessly sloppy while recruiting assassins amid the pandemic. Easy to understand us driverfags to sperg of 2008 and centers on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson also enough for... Feel-Good gem we did n't know we needed and deserved this year is... All in service of the 1994 erotic thriller Disclosure ideological battle is between. Eons more recognition than it 's astonishing to look back at Season 1 of the year 's new!

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