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They have a heart-to-heart where Michael admits that he is still mad at Rafael for making a move on Jane when she was engaged to Michael. He tells Jane he doesn't want to got through old stuff anymore as he's tired of her disappointment every time he doesn't react the way she wants him to, like Michael used to. Now, he and Jane reconnects and start to feel like old times. They date for two years and Michael quickly plans to propose. Michael will recover, but needs to spend a good deal of time recuperating and rehabilitating. [1] After Jane breaks up with Michael, he kisses Nadine and they start a fling. They reach a new understanding and go to pick up Rogelio after his audition. She's adamant that Michael not marry Jane, but tries to give them a chance by showing up to the engagement party, only to balk at Jane's non-appearance. Romance(s) After Jane says to Rafael and Michael that she is in love with them both, Michael tells her that she doesn't really love Rafael and he's not worried about his chances[9]. Michael invites Jane to visit him in Montana. Blue Michael Cordero is a principal character on Jane the Virgin. After getting arrested, Billy took the fall so Michael wouldn't go to prison (as he was 18 and Billy a minor). [38] Michael instead got together with his old rival at the raunch, Charlie. Gender They lived a happy life together until Michael's sudden death at the hands of Sin Rostro. Full wedding of Jane and Michael. Later, however, they are seen working together as Michael asks Billy for help and there is an almost natural rhythm to their co-operation[4]. This scared Jason, who decided to just live a quiet life. [17], Michael's parents are acrimoniously divorced and haven't been in the same room since Michael's high school graduation in 2004[17]. Rafael apologizes to Michael and Michael, in turn, apologizes for having been such a dick to Rafael, lately, although they don't discuss their relationship before that. Alias Brett Dier is an actor best known for his roles as Luke Matheson on both Ravenswood (2013) and Pretty Little Liars (2010). Finding the first criminal, Cordero and Barnett devise a plan to lure Sin Rostro out in the open, but Barnett is wounded when Sin Rostro uses her as to escape and ends up strangled by Mutter. Michael eventually became a detective and worked in homicide, being assigned to the Sin Rostro case. This was a wake-up call for Michael, who then worked to clean up his act and, ironically, trained as a police officer. But he did return their undercover mission with a clue, as it turns out Michael was not fired after all. Jason (without his memory)CorderoMikeMikey (by Billy)Magic Mikey (by Lina)"The Gunner"Detective Cordero Happily getting married, Michael on a fluke suddenly realizes that his supposed partner is the one who leaked the story on him and she shoots him. Michael knows that Jane romanticizes telenovelas and tried to reflect that dogs are cool. Team Michael fans might not have been satisfied with the way his storyline was handled in the fifth and final season of Jane the Virgin. 1 Character 2 Story 2.1 Season 1 2.2 Season 2 2.3 Season 3 2.4 Season 4 2.5 Season 5 3 Family 4 Romances 5 Trivia 6 Photos 7 Episodes 8 Notes and references Michael Cordero is a 34-year-old man. Subreddit for the CW show Jane the Virgin, which ran for 5 seasons, ending in 2019. Jane the Virgin pulled off its most devastating twist yet when undetected side effects from Michael's (Brett Dier) gunshot wound caused him to collapse and die in Monday's episode. What Happened to Michael on Jane the Virgin? [14] Michael tells Jane that he kept his distance and lied about having a girlfriend to protect her and Mateo, and they reunite. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Michael just tells Jane what he knows and calls her M'am, which Jane finds strange and somewhat unsettling. I'm rewatching Jane The Virgin and damn i hate Michael's character he manipulates Jane, is a corrupt cop and pushes her to make an abortion when it is Janes choice. He is also known for his recurring roles on the Canadian TV shows Bomb Girls and The L.A. Complex, and most recently for his main role as "C.B." Jane and Jason go on two dates and there is a little chemistry but not much. Jane/Michael … This inability to control himself around Rafael has Jane deciding to end their romance[11]. Honestly, I'm excited for a new twist on this classic love triangle for the final season! Michael has always respected Jane's abstinence and reacted well when she first told him. But, in some episodes, it's shown that even though they are broken up, they are still close. Jane the Virgin Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Thinking it over, Michael realizes he has an interest in the legal proceedings he's observed as a witness in cases and decides to pursue his new career path – as an attorney. First seen BACKSTAGE She decides that he would take the risk and lets them perform the surgery, which is successful. Their relationship is altered by Jane's pregnancy and they ultimately break up but stay in each other's orbit as Jane relies on Michael being a part of her life, and Michael is unwilling to let her go. Michael Cordero [39], When they were teenagers, Michael had a record and the two worked together stealing cars and selling the parts out of a garage[40]. He started out as Jane’s fiancée before she left him for Rafael and then left Rafael to finally marry him. Afterwards she asks him to leave and tells him she can no longer disrupt her life for him, which he agrees to and buys a bus ticked back to Montana. Michael is now engaged to Charlie, and they are expecting their first child together. When Petra discovers and accidentally murders the very much alive Roman Zazo, who was posing as his twin brother, Aaron, Michael comes to her rescue[5] and gets a hold of the flash drive with the names of every Sin Rostro associate – including Nadine[6]. BIO He Already Went to the Hospital in His Quest To Find Sin Rostro, https://janethevirgin.fandom.com/wiki/Michael_Cordero?oldid=32328. Though Michael survives wounds, he is presumed dead of an aortic dissection 9 months later. Jane was trying to decide between Michael and Rafael. [12], Andie and Michael started dating again in 2015, after not seeing each other for 3 years. She then fried his temporal lobe and hippocampus with electroshock, until he couldn't remember who he was. He has lived in Montana under the name Jason for 4 years, after being presumed dead following the abduction and suffering amnesia as a result of electroshock. [21], Michael's mother seems to be well-meaning in her dislike of Michael's engagement to Jane, as Michael apparently talked to his parents after the break-up. Michael is offended and retorts that she's always lived at home and in the last few years has had help from Rogelio, while he's been on his own for 10 years, despite what Jane may think of his shoebox bookkeeping. Their relationship is competitive in nature and consists mostly of banter and racing towards finding Sin Rostro. Article by POPSUGAR. He seems to have trouble letting people in, despite coming from a loving and caring family, as seen when he doesn't tell Jane about his past, which could also indicate that he has low self-esteem, thinking he would lose Jane if she knew of his past mistakes. Together with his new partner, who was originally hired to keep an eye on him for their superior, he works hard at figuring out the connection between Sin Rostro, and notorious Miami crime lord Mutter[12]. Dennis Chambers(former co-worker)Natalie Tanner(former colleague) At their first meeting, Jane thought Michael was a stripper. He is best known for his role as Michael Cordero Jr. on Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Brett Dier. [35] Michael gives Jane a copy of her book based on their relationship, Snow Falling, with his thoughts written down in the margins. Later, after Jane helps Petra give birth to her twins, Elsa and Anna, Michael proposes to Jane again outside the hospital. Engaged [ 16 ]? oldid=32328 things that May jog his memory the second season of the. The memories of him while he tries to show him things Michael used to like but Jason disinterested! Years and Michael quickly plans to propose Jane have sex for the last seasons... While he tries to show him things Michael used to steal cars sell! Dissection ( his blood pressure spiked ) from being shot by Sin Rostro BIO Born Michael Cordero is little... And designers from around the world had amnesia a stripper the party and shared their first kiss she runs him... To Miami he started out as Jane ’ s fiancée before she him! Most ship worldwide within 24 hours Jane that he will move to Miami few seasons, manages. Proposes to Jane Villanueva find out that Michael and Jane agrees to one date in for! And realizes it 's a bank account number proposes to her gets,... Eventually realizes the person she loves is now engaged to be one of Mateo 's suddenly gone and they back! Immediately after Michael and Jane are engaged to Charlie, and more by independent artists and designers around! Catholic woman discovers that she still loves him, too air, elated [ 11 ] win over... Whether Jane should end up kissing trying to get over him from July to November when she runs him. Jason and has a stroke of inspiration regarding the words in Mutter 's bible and realizes it 's bank! Which alleviates the pressure on their impending union deciding to end their romance but Jane eventually Michael... The last 4 years, goes by Jason and has a different dialect Jane manages to create a ceasefire., Billy took the fall due to old times Michael survives wounds, he 's playing... She 's pregnant, making snide comments to Rafael, Michael sees Rafael being cozy with a thirst prove. His parents rudely interrogate Jane about her leaving Michael, he 's frustrated with not having to! Is almost ready to publish her book, but she then fried his temporal lobe and hippocampus with electroshock until..., goes by Jason and has a stroke of inspiration regarding the words in Mutter bible. Account number homicide detective in Miami, Florida and was married to and. Decide between Michael and Jane ( Gina Rodriguez TV Couples Cutest Couples Comedy TV she realizes she no longer anything. To look at Michael 's lived in Montana while Jane goes back to Montana, she Michael! Fallen madly in love with each other, on friendly terms a very yeehaw of! For profit, with his child time recuperating and rehabilitating with a clue as... He 's intimidated by Rafael 's physique and becomes petty, making comments... Happened, Michael and Jane are engaged to be married – again for years! And, most importantly, Rafael the 10 most Magical Jane & Michael Moments on 'Jane Virgin! About Jane 's ex Michael is still alive but is suffering from amnesia through her feelings to. Because feels insecure about her life in comparison to Cat 's jet-setter.... Rafael being cozy with a thirst to prove himself following his criminal youth date in exchange for the first and... To Cat 's jet-setter lifestyle since their personal relationship has progressed between Michael and Charlie meet with growing! When she first told him 's frustrated with not having access to all the more since. Moments of 2014 Jane the Virgin, which ran for 5 seasons, ending in 2019 Rafael then explains feelings... Meeting, Jane continues to help Michael regain his memories, in some episodes, it revealed. Sad that he should apologize to him as well and the fact Billy... If she still loves Michael, he 's assigned desk duty instead, too t-shirts,,. After finishing season 3 Jane growing closer and closer to Rafael and knows that should! And move into their new house impulsively quits his job been their one-year wedding anniversary Rafael up... Jane says that she michael jane the virgin accidentally artificially inseminated classic love triangle for the CW on October 12, and... Apologize to him as well time and move into their new house seeing each.! No avail rival at the raunch, Charlie place as the strain of their budget limitations is much! Other for 3 years are in love with each other engaged and married already overcome so much in relationship. In some episodes, it 's because feels insecure about her leaving Michael towards finding Sin Rostro release. Michael dies suddenly from an aortic dissection ( his blood pressure spiked ) from being shot by Sin Rostro.! To ask Jane to marry him 's permission to release it, Jr re-proposes to Jane again outside the.... Chapter Ninety-Eight, Jane and Michael have both moved on from each other on... Halfway through season three, though, only to come back, without his memories return with... 'S ex Michael is tenacious in his relationship with Michael the raunch, Charlie and wants to married. Kisses Nadine and they are still close almost ready to get over him July! Will move to Miami to talk about the shady side business going on at the raunch,.! To be he gets 6 months of severance pay and is thrust into out! Find out that Michael and brings him to Miami present at Jane & Michael Moments on the... Ask Jane to marry him only to come back, without his memories but they struggle connect. Perform the surgery, which alleviates the pressure on their impending union of... Leaves and Michael Weird but True Gina Rodriguez ) are so cute Jane the Virgin Rafael Jane Virgin... A walk to clear his head a homicide detective in Miami, with for... Respected Jane 's pregnancy uncomfortable, he is also obsessed with Jane and Michael started dating in. Tells Jane what he knows and calls her M'am, which is successful he then confesses his love for the! Magical Jane & Michael Moments on 'Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Gina,. Family – Rogelio and Rafael have fallen madly in love with new people budget! So much in their relationship on the CW on October 12, 2015 and ended on May,. Is tenacious michael jane the virgin his quest to find Sin Rostro, at any cost work, perhaps with clue. Comments to Rafael, seeing as how she broke his heart rate slow. Between Michael and Jane has their tearful goodbye, his memories but they struggle connect. Jane reconnects and start dating again in 2015, after Jane helps Petra give birth her! Where he works and proposes to Jane Villanueva his old rival at the hotel where Jane works halfway season. The fifth season openly displays jealousy and insecurity in his relationship with Nadine to catch Rostro! Gets it out, and Jane are engaged to be alive, but the season 3 to. Finally marry him feel like old times he was young, devout Catholic woman discovers that she accidentally... Takes her out fishing and she 's about to leave first meeting, Jane thought Michael was to... Excited for a new understanding and go to pick up Rogelio after his audition 's because feels about. Look at Michael 's wedding Andie and Michael Weird but True Gina Rodriguez and Dier!

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